Club Training - 26th June - Canal Chaser and Chip Cob Night

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Club Training - 26th June - Canal Chaser and Chip Cob Night

Postby Cathy » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Please arrive to club from 6:45pm and run to start at 7pm

Warm up all together across west park to the Milner road exit, left and left again to the canal.
A chance for all runners to mingle whilst warming up.

Once at the canal we will start you in rough pace groups .... On your marks go!
Run out to time for 25 minutes from the canal start point and when 25 minutes is up turn around then run back.
Heading out to Trent lock and even Attenborough the faster you run!
How far can you get and can you keep your pace to keep runners behind you?
You can just run it too, you'll be surprised you will hopefully run quicker on the return

Something called a negative split - running the 2nd half quicker than the 1st

Run back to where we start on the canal and warm down run back through the park finishing at the Rugby house for a chip cob and drink with members.

Have some cash in your pocket for canal chaser to chips!

Look after each other and give way to other canal users!


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