Upcoming AGM Meeting October 2018

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Upcoming AGM Meeting October 2018

Postby Woolly » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:24 pm

In reference to some queries on the club AGM which will be in October, we have provisional dates reviewing with the whole committee on availability and location. Placeholder dates are 16th or 23rd for your diaries to be confirmed.

A communication will be going out once date, venue and existing club committee members have confirmed their position in order to relay what roles are vacant.
All roles as are available if an individual wanted to put their name down and have it seconded on the nominations sheet which will be put up for 2 weeks on the club notice board and taken down 2 weeks before the meeting.

There currently or has never been any specific role and descriptions to pass on - some guidelines on EA below.
Only some recent roles/ tasks on club secretary and items Team leader/ Rob picked up. If you are interested then have a chat to the person in that position or someone in the committee.
This is something that we can look at as the roles have evolved with the individuals or over time got added to etc with the understanding that these are voluntary positions.

https://www.englandathletics.org/volunt ... er-toolkit
(Volunteer Role Descriptions at the bottom for some roles.)

We will also review if this date is suitable for London marathon rejection magazines for club ballot places and communicate on this too.

This will be confirmed and communicated out to members this weekend on this forum, facebook and calendar.
Rachel Argent, Club Secretary

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Re: Upcoming AGM Meeting October 2018

Postby wilko » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:54 am

Thank you for posting these details, Rachel.

I'm assuming that with the further communication regarding the AGM that there will be a deadline for submission of tabled questions to put to the committee?

With reference to the EA links to the roles of the committee, here is a link to the role of chair at the Serpentine club:

https://www.serpentine.org.uk/pages/com ... chair.html

I'm posting it now ahead of formally submitting questions to the AGM for folk to look at it in tandem with the EA roles link above, in good time before the AGM, with a view to adopting it as the role description for the LERC chair (with the exception of the section at the end about registered charities). It might be a good idea to post the Serpentine link with an explanation into Facebook and on the night of the AGM provide sufficient paper copies for viewing. Club committee roles may be voluntary but both the EA and Serpentine role descriptions set out expectations whether a group has 20, 200 or 2000 members.

Additionally, please can paper copies of the club accounts showing the monies received, expenditure, status of all accounts since the 2017 AGM and projected expenditure and income until the 2019 AGM, be provided at the AGM; and please can a simple total income, total expenditure and final balance of all accounts for the end of year AGM's 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 be included alongside the full accounts on the paper copy at the AGM.

And a request, please. Can committee members make their reports about what they have actually done within that role for the club during the last year - for some committee members their role is self evident and their report will be brief and straightforward, for others it will be longer, especially if there are follow-up questions to points raised. Also, in AGM's past there has been a lot of reporting of results - yes, it's important that recognition of personal success and achievement across the club is recognised (sadly, many achievements are omitted) but can it be done in a structured way avoiding duplication especially if results are going to be shared at presentation events later in the year? Time is short at the AGM and it's the only time that the club meets as a body to discuss the issues that affect it, so we need to make it count.

With a month at least before the AGM there should be sufficient time to prepare in advance of it, so please could someone ensure that all on the committee have seen
this post.

Thanks in advance, Rich Wilkinson

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Re: Upcoming AGM Meeting October 2018

Postby creakinees » Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:49 pm

Could I offer my little bit to the discussion about committee roles please.
The role of a committee member should be what the club NEEDS that position to fulfill, not necessarily what the person in that position does now / has taken on out of the goodness of their heart. Just because someone offers to do something shouldn't automatically make it part of the role of that committee position. There can be a danger in speaking to the present encumbant in being told a whole list of things that they do (off-putting to some prospective committee members) whereas the actual requirement of that role may be considerably less. It needs careful thought and not just a writing down of what's done at the moment.

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Re: Upcoming AGM Meeting October 2018

Postby wilko » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:41 pm

Other than some information in the the news section , I can't find a summary AGM agenda anywhere on the club website and I don't recall any emails either - once again if this has all been conducted on Facebook that's fine by me, but please copy and paste onto here, the club's forum.

The AGM agenda should be made available before the AGM and summarise the order of items and list all those resigning committee posts and prospective committee members.

Please can the AGM agenda be made available on this website and sent out as an email by Monday evening at the latest?

Thanks in advance,

Rich Wilkinson

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