Notts XC Championships 2019

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Notts XC Championships 2019

Postby wilko » Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:43 am

Due to working away from the area and other circumstances I’m not in a position to administer all the aspects of the Nottinghamshire county xc championship 2019 entries – the details of which have yet to be released by Notts AAA.

I could receive, collate and send off details of individuals for the club entry, if club runners send them to me by email (usually name, date of birth, EA number, qualification by either birth in the county or residency). I could still also organise the race-day team declarations. However, I’m no longer in a position to collect race entry fees (before the entry deadline or, on or after race day) and electronic or bank transfer isn’t an option.

This would mean entry fees need to be collected by someone at the club on my behalf banked by the club and then prior to the entry deadline, a cheque generated by the club (or e- / bank transfer) and sent separately to the club team entries sent by me. The only entries would be those of runners confirmed as having paid.

Alternatively, once I have all the names of runners the club generates the entry fee cheque and then someone collects the entry fees later off runners with runners knowing that an entry made would be non-refundable after being sent and they would honour the payment to the club.

This all seems like adding unnecessary layers and complications but I’m happy to operate either of the above options. However, an easier option might be for someone to take on all aspects of the Notts xc entry for the club and I’m very happy to relinquish doing all the organisation.

Another option if there is no one to take on the role, is for all interested runners to make their own individual entry and for Notts AAA to do all the collating at their end. The entry is expected to be made as club team entries and not as individuals but I’m unaware of how the entry system will work this year. It may allow for individual entries and I’m sure an explanatory email from the club to Notts AAA would suffice and they’re only glad of numbers however the entry is made - I would think.

So, does anyone want to take on organising the Notts XC entries in its entirety?

Or, secondly, is anyone willing to take on the collection of entry fees, and liaising with me confirming who has paid and with Colin Bostock to bank the fees and for him to generate a club cheque for the entry fees?

Or, thirdly, is the committee happy for the club to pay up front for entries and then make arrangements to collect fees later?

Please could responses to these three options be posted here in the Fell and off-road forum in this thread.

Or, finally, in the event of the latter three points failing to provide a response in this thread and so not resolving the issue, the club will assume that anyone interested in running in the 2019 Notts XC champs will make their own individual entry presuming Notts AAA allow this.


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Re: Notts XC Championships 2019

Postby tritimtri » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:02 pm

Hi Rich, I'm happy to manage the entry process in its entirety or, alternatively, chase up entry fees. If we agree the former, then I'm assuming I'll be able to find out (or be given the nod) when entries open?

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Re: Notts XC Championships 2019

Postby wilko » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:05 pm

Thanks, Tim.

Tim and I have agreed to share the Notts XC entries this year with Tim shadowing me with the view to Tim taking over next year.

When Notts AAA release the entry details I'll post the schedule for the club entries which will be a deadline by which all race fees will be collected by Tim most likely at club nights and races, and personal details will be emailed to me for the entries (then deleted) and are normally:


Date of birth;

EA number;

Qualification by birth or last 9 months residency in Nottinghamshire.

Any race day information I'll post here and get it posted to Facebook.

If you live in Long Eaton it is in Derbyshire and not Nottinghamshire despite the NG postcode - so you would have to compete in the Derbyshire XC champs, unless you were born in Nottinghamshire whereby you qualify by birth.

The XC is for all abilities so don't be put off by the title County Championships - if you've run a Booth's Decorators league XC the standard and spread of ability is not much different. Equally, LERC had a silver medal winning senior men's team last year against strong county-wide opposition so runners wanting challenging competition won't be disappointed.

Thanks in advance,

Rich Wilkinson

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