Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

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Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby Mario2710 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:25 am


Winter League - proposed races. This is still TBC but this is the proposed races. Instead of having 3 XC leagues all in the Winter league - we propose to only feature 2 in the winter league, and potentially allow us to prioritise the remaining 2 leagues. We will still participate in the all 3 leagues. The dates on some races are TBC and so there may well be date clashes which will need to be confirmed. Please leave any comments below and we shall review them.

Bdxcl1 Shipley Park TBC
Goose fair gallop 7/10
Dave Denton midweek 5k 17/10
Wirkwsworth undulator 21/10
Worksop half 28/10

Shepshed 7 TBC
Bdxcl2 Chad 11/11
Heanor 10k pud run 18/11
Derby 10m 25/11 - may clash with EMXC - so may be dropped
EMxcl1 Holme PP tbc

Bdxcl3 Bakewell TBC
Turkey trot half 9/12
Queens head 5k canter 27/12
Huncote Hash 30/12

EMxcl2 Bramcote
Parkrun Clifton
Bdxcl4 Trent Meadows
EMxcl3 Colwick woods

Bdxcl5 Chesterfield
EMxcl4 Trent Meadows
Bluebells fell race TBC

Rushcliffe 10k 3/3 TBC
Weston 5 TBC
Monsall trail Half marathon 23/24/3

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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby wilko » Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:22 pm

With 5K's available to run every weekend throughout the year it seems a bit incongruous to remove an entire xc league ie the north-Mids league from the winter league as xc which is a winter sport only available during the winter months. Those that run xc may still run in the north-mids but might feel short-changed by its winter league removal. At a time when overall numbers at xc races continue to increase it might make more sense to keep the north-mids xc in the winter league to encourage new runners to the club to take part with the incentive of league points. 2 of the replacement 5k' s have an entry fee whereas all the xc races are free as a result of club membership fees being paid. It also still seems absurd that there are 2 fells races in the winter league when there is already a fell league with access to 500+ races courtesy of the FRA race calendar - so effectively the 3 proposed 5K's and the 2 fell races have eliminated an entire XC series from the winter league.

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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby wilko » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:10 am

And two other points.

The Park Run organisation itself states that park runs aren't races but timed runs and this is regularly announced before the start of many park runs each Saturday. How would it work to put a winter league points race which by definition is competitive into a park run that its own organises recognise as being not for competition? Park Run may well give or have given their blessing; presumably someone at LERC has asked Park Run about using Clifton park run as a race in the winter league?

Secondly, with the xc fixtures like the north-mids, they are some of the few occasions where whatever your ability you get a counting position for the LERC team and so are part of the LERC team result - you might not be in the top placing scoring LERC team but you will have played your part under the banner of the LERC team - surely the club would have this as one of their highest priorites, to foster the unity and club spirit that a team squad and team result brings?

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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby Wyxie » Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:42 pm

I prefer to do North Mids as I like the women only races - it makes for a less crowded start, but with a high standard among the ladies you still get a good race.

Having said that I can also understand why that'd be taken out as Saturdays are harder for a lot of people to make, turn out at these last year was pretty low, and with fewer leagues to choose from, people will probably prioritise the ones that count and it makes it more likely that the team does well in those two.

I could live without the extra fell races. I do feel a little like fell racing is being rammed at me. I love seeing the photos and hearing how the guys get on, but you can put as many in the league as you like, I still shan't do it if I don't really want to.

I'm also a bit puzzled about why not LE parkrun? I mean, we are Long Eaton Running Club. If there was going to be one, wouldn't that make sense? We'd get fantastic turn out and it raises the profile of the club locally where people are more likely to join.

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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby foxontherun » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:57 am

I don't always agree with Rich, but I have to endorse his points (above), particularly about the omission of the North Mids League. If the league isn't included, will the club still affiliate to the league? In other words, are the four races still available to club members as free races. Certainly, three of the four are very local to Long Eaton. My concern is that if they aren't part of the WL, and therefore not published in that way, most will not realise that they are even on. The Saturday format of separate races for men and women, plus junior age races is not something we generally see on Sundays either, so would be a traditional experience lost.

At the risk of being labelled a back seat driver, having just relinguished the selection role, I'm not particularly keen on the Parkruns being included either.
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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/19

Postby chrisity » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:39 pm

We should keep Wollaton Park North Mids at least, a lovely free run in a park that has staged the Nationals twice in recent years. Can understand not having Kettering.

In my opinion parkruns are not suitable due to all the non-racers who will get in the way and get very annoyed by us i suspect. I know clifton is not very well used, and i can see that it might be helpful to them to have more people know about it, but is 9.00 on a Saturday really a suitable time for a club race?

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Re: Winter League - proposed races 2018/2019

Postby TheCheesemaker » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:21 pm

Re: the general rants about the inclusion of a parkrun. It is ONE parkrun that has been included. If it doesn't work this season, then it can be dropped for future seasons. If we don't try these things, then we'll end up running exactly the same races every single year.
The NM league has only been dropped from the Winter League. LERC is still affiliated to it and club members are free to take part. I believe it was dropped so that the faster runners might focus on the other two leagues, where we have more chance of getting team placings.
I agree that the fixtures need to be included on the calendar, so that members can schedule them in and that the calendar hasn't been maintained particularly well recently. However; any club member can put posts on to the calendar. It's not just up to the committee.
Also; rather than ranting on the forum about the committee or its decisions, why not contact them directly through form on the website?

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