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At Long Eaton Running Club, we cater for all ages and abilities, from the 12 minute miler to the 12 miles an hour athlete. We run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meeting at 6.30p.m. for an optional warm up session then start running at 7pm. We organise at least 2 different distances to cater for different abilities & if you are new a LERC member will stay with you so you won't get lost. After training, a few of us always go for a beer or two at a local pub, so please join us for a chat. Have a look around our site and if you fancy a run with us why not pop along one club night. We don't bite.

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The next event in the calendar is : Club runs (Thu 12th)

Club run (Stapleford Drive Counter-Clockwise Winter Route - 6.30 miles);
To Wilsthorpe Road island (Eaton Farm pub) – Right Derby Road – To L.E – Pass ‘Wilko’ store – Over the Railway bridge, Nottingham Road – Pass the ‘Manor’ House pub – Left Swiney Way – To Traffic lights and turn left onto Stapleford Drive. Follow the bend to the right onto High Road. Turn right onto Nottingham Road – L.E centre – retrace the route back along Derby Road and Wilsthorpe Road back to WPLC. [http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4083692]
Club run (Bosworth Counter-Clockwise Winter Route - 4.20 miles);
Recovery / progression run Left on to Wilsthorpe Road to the station; on to FIelds Farm Road and over the canal bridge. Turn right on to Bosworth Way; follow round and turn right back on to Field Farm Road to Tappers Harker. Go straight on to Main Street, past Tesco and then left on to Nottingham Road. Head straight over The Green onto Derby Road and turn left at Eaton Farm back down to WPLC. [http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7321210]

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Runner of the Month

Congratulations to Paul Wade
November has been the culmination of a superb year for Wadey, with a PB at the flood-affected Derby 10, meaning that he has now set a PB at every major distance this year!

This continues a sustained period of continuous improvement for Paul, stretching back to 2016 when he first joined LERC. Such results over time have often led to him receiving 'honourable mentions', but without ever receiving the accolade.

In February, at the Dave Denton midweek 5k, his first PB of the year came. Then in April, he excelled at both ends of the scale as 5 seconds was knocked off his mile time, at the Bannister Mile; and a 3:38 debut Marathon at Manchester.

At Holme Pierrepont, in the Notts Summer League race, Paul broke his 5m PB for the second time in 2019; over 10k, Wadey again lowered his PB on more than one occasion, with new bests set at Newark and Wilne, ending 2019 with a PB 2 minutes better; and also PB'd over the rarely ran 4 mile distance at 'The Run'.

Towards the end of the year, Paul has focussed his efforts on cracking some elusive PB's, uncharacteristically racing less, but his commitment and sacrifice has paid off, with some corking results.

At Worksop half, at the very end of October, on a traditionally tough course, Paul just dipped under 1:38:00 for the first time and then carrying this form through November, was able to again set a new PB.

Whilst this is not entirely November specific, the Captain's Committee were unanimous in choosing Paul's final PB, as well as continued commitment to LERC and self-improvement, as more than worthy of the Runner of the Month award.

Congratulations Paul, on a cracking November and blinding 2019. Good luck in your quest to now go and smash a sub-20, we know you've got it in you!

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November Runner of the Month - Paul Wade

Recent PBs

Amanda Larkin (21:58 for 5k), Paula Reason (30:43 for 5k), Paul Lewis (46:15 for 5.904m), Jennifer Allen (2:17:22 for a half marathon), Carrie Chan (2:03:15 for a half marathon), Kim Chant (1:53:01 for a half marathon), Matthew Coaker (1:19:14 for a half marathon), Adam Drummond (1:51:35 for a half marathon), James Fisher (1:22:07 for a half marathon), Laura Froggatt (1:53:04 for a half marathon), Ryan Haw (1:18:42 for a half marathon), Eleanor Lunt (1:27:26 for a half marathon), Louise McQuade (1:53:00 for a half marathon), Adam White (1:13:29 for a half marathon)

Our Races

Long Eaton Running Club organises 'The Nomad Ultra' each year - click for more information;

The Nomad Ultra - 50 miles, 50km and relay [external site]
The Long Eaton 5 - Historical results
The Long Eaton 2 - The Fun Run - Historical results

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